Sketch + Rant

Just like I found with my photos, my sketches were little things I found myself staring at outside of museums.

My first sketch I did while in Millennium Park viewing Cloud. From where Egypt and I were sitting the excitement wasn’t orbiting around the big shiny sculpture, but the flock of pigeons that were soliciting for some lunch.

The second sketch started to be of the remnants of my sandwich but I renamed it.

Another observation of the pigeon frenzy-

That night, I stayed in Chicago and went out with my cousin. The first is she, the second, some random person, and the third is…I’m not sure, let me just repeat that I had had a few drinks in me. It is a random quote from my cousin in the conversation we were having about our family. I do not understand why I thought cats on deck had anything to do with it.

We were just warped from a young age

On Saturday I went to the Museum of Contemporary Art. Not that that has anything to do with anything I sketched.

The joy and excitement of being in a city taxi:

The curiosity of water taxis:

And then, the guy on the street who wants to pick me up. He sees me drawing and starts asking me about it to talk to me. So when he asked me out I did what any sensible artist would do and said no but can I use you to draw you. I told him I’d give him a caption so it was his chance to say anything he wanted. He kept saying, I don’t know, anything you want. Anything you want. Anything you want. I quickly wrote this down, thanked him and bid him farewell.

And that was right before I boarded the train to go home. On the train I found time to do a little more ranting. To explain the first part better, I have a mother from Tokyo and was lucky enough to spend every other summer there as a kid, while growing up spending the rest of my time in the far northwestern corner of the U.P.:


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