Disposable Cameras, Disposable Memories?

I took a couple disposable cameras with me on the trip. Part of me kind of wishes I would’ve taken my digital camera so I could have taken more pictures and had more to choose from. But part of me still liked the loss of control the disposable cameras sprung on me. It made me just take the pictures and get on with my day instead of looking at each picture right after taking it and  judging it and worrying about it.

I found that since I did have limited exposures I only took pictures of what I thought might turn out to be interesting and show my experience of the city. I have one picture of inside a museum. The rest are little things I noticed when walking around, whether those things are of any importance, if they are things I am “supposed” to be paying attention to, I think is up to me. I guess it’s always what you manage to make of the things you pay attention to that counts.

I think at least half the people who got off the bus took a similar picture right away of the trains.

I would have liked to be up there.

Felix Gonzalez Torres’ Untitled (Portrait of Ross in L.A.). More about him and my reaction in “Artists.”

Cloud by Anish Kapoor

Some buildings, a dimly lit underground hallway.

The deserted bathroom of Millennium Park, clean but dirty. I don’t know why I took this. They remind me of little apartments, something you can retreat into, hide, be away from everyone even though all that is there to separate you is a thin wall. They just look very industrial, mass produced, simple and boxy.

Everyone is the same height but at different times.

We’re gonna need money for this to work.

Another life on the other side of a glass panel, going somewhere.

They were holding hands. It was too much.

A part of Chicago Ideas Week.

Making improvements sometimes requires roughing things up a bit.

It was empty and someone didn’t want it.

Reminded me of Jeanne-Claude and Christo’s wrapped buildlings.

Here I start to notice I am having a tendency of photographing things in limbo. Kind of broken down, but not just left for dead. With signs of rebuilding.

I liked that I photographed this and the next day saw Christo’s Orange Store Front in the Contemporary Art Museum. Here is a photo of that.

A bit of nature, a lot of city.

I like the way wires can look like a wreck. It is like how tangled we get just to communicate with each other.


I wonder what made him give up panhandling above.

Relevant to people in a city.

His hat flew off and was ran over by several cars. This is his vicotory run back after picking it up.

It is useless in that position.

This is where Friday turned into Friday night and I went out with my cousin, who is going to grad school in Chicago. I had had a few drinks and am not sure why I wanted to take this photo. Look how shiny that toilet bowl looks though.

Again, like the bathroom stalls. Like little apartments, caves, manufactured.

My cousin.

Seemingly irrelevant.

The Contemporary Art Museum of Chicago. I like the hanger sculpture.

At a standstill.

Waiting for the train. Looking at trash.

Waiting for the bus after the train. I think this draws similarities to the bathroom stalls and mailboxes.


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